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  • 💁🎼第3回世界の歌:イタリア 🇮🇹
    The third world songItalia exhibition
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🎶The songs of this week. (Contents)

  • 🎼分科会(The first Venue.)
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    ① オー・ソレ・ミオ (O sole mio)
    ②Madame Butterfly. (蝶々夫人)
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    ①「私のお父さん」:O mio babbino caro
    ②四季:(The Four Seasons)
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    今週の歌①🇩🇿:The song of this week.

    • 【世界の歌】世界の歌第一会場・
    • 【公式HP予定
      🎼世界の歌/第三回イタリア・拡大再演Part-1は10/19 掲載。Part-2は11/9掲載。その後は毎10後に掲載
    • ◎第3回世界の歌・イタリア☞ガイドPDF
    • 【アイダmarch】①Дж Верди Опера Аида Знаменитый Марш Победителей Verdi Aida The Triumphal March
    • 【浜田隆政コメント】(掲載前コメント)荘厳さを強調。これがイタリアだ。
    • (実際)10:32一曲目→リンク切れで今暫くお待ちを。同一物調査します。ない場合には予備のコンテンツを.

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    • 【YouTube記載項目】
      João José P. Justa
      チャンネル登録者数 77

    • 【臨時】 10/10♬・(世界の歌ブログ):第1回世界の歌改訂版・Scandinavia(D)サーミの歌


    今週の歌②🇩🇿:The song of this week.

    • 【イタリア】②Katherine Jenkins & Julian Lloyd Webber: Speak Softly Love(Godfather Theme)
    • 【浜田隆政コメント】(掲載前コメント)素晴らしいの一語。この歌の作曲家もイタリア人。
      (実際)イタリアの作曲家{ニーノ・ロータ(Nino Rota)}がつくった歌をイギリスのキャサリンが歌う。すばらしい歌と歌唱力です。

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    • 【YouTube記載項目】

      Stiffkittens Reviews
      チャンネル登録者数 3780人
      Katherine Jenkins with Julian Lloyd Webber on Cello do an amazing version of the Godfather Theme as it is better Known for the Children in Need special at the Royal Albert Hall


    今週の③🇩🇿:The song of this week.

    • 【浜田隆政コメント】変わった角度から紹介。オーソドックスな物はPart-3特別編(日本とイタリア)で紹介予定。ただし、Part-3の第二会場(安らぎ文庫HP)では南欧特集予定。

      (実際)ウクライナのARINA DOMSKI さんです。通常版の蝶々夫人もいずれ登場します。今回は異色版です。世界の歌は世界の名曲ばかりか、世界中から歌い手が登場します。歌手ではなく歌い手、即ち、無名の素人の人も登場します。ただし、私が聴いて世界に推薦した物のみです。

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    • 【YouTube記載項目】

      Arina Domski
      チャンネル登録者数 4950人

      “Butterfly”: dedicated to the great opera singer Solomiia Krushelnytska

      If it were not for the Ukrainian singer Solomiia Krushelnytska,
      Puccini’s opera could have never become world famous. With the
      Ukrainian singer, the opera “Madame Butterfly” experienced its rebirth
      in the spring of 1904. Three months before, Giacomo Puccini had
      already presented his new work to the public, but with no success. The
      composer hesitated as for whom to entrust the main role, and made a
      bid for the voice of Rosina Storkio. Although everyone was convinced
      of the premiere’s success, it was given the goose in “La Scala”
      theatre. Puccini’s friends assured him that the opera deserves a
      second chance, all it takes is to slightly rewrite the first act,
      change the structure of the piece and invite another soloist. So when
      Solomiia Krushelnytska appeared on stage in Brescia, Chio-Chio-san
      rose from the ashes!
      At the beginning of the 20th century there was no more outstanding
      opera diva than Krushelnytska. It is Solomiia Krushelnytska that is
      rightfully considered the best Butterfly in the world!
      She is called the new generation of classical crossover genre soprano.

      Arina Domski
      She is the singer with conservatoire education and an original stage
      image. Arina Domski sings and writes in several languages; her
      repertoire consists ofthe songs in Italian, English, French,
      Ukrainian, Russian, Czech and Chinese. Arina's first single “Ti
      Amero”came into rotation of British music channel CMTV and introduced
      Arina to European audience.
      This opens great opportunities for the singer’s touring outside
      Ukraine. Arina tours in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg,
      Lebanon, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Hong Kong, China and UAE.
      In January of 2018 Arina Domski’s “Opera Show” was awarded “Diafa
      Awards” prize for art in Dubai (UAE).

      About “Opera Show”
      “Opera Show” by Arina Domski is a crossroad of different epochs and traditions. Based on the classical base, Arina creates fusion of time and mood by combining different epochs and musical styles.
      90-minutes unique theatrical show introduces the public with pieces of art starting with Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and ending by modern academic music. One of the main peculiarities of the show is the original modern sounding which is completely different from the ones of other famous representatives of classical crossover genre. The whole show goes with light art, video installations and theatrical dance. Dancers and musician also form a part of the show.
      Another distinctive thing about the show are extraordinary stage images which make you to look on the world of classics from a different angle. Different epochs, styles and large-scale settings will come together to bring the audience out of routine into a completely different space. The story on the stage is far from any tradition and conformity. The goal of Arina Domski is to popularize classical music in the modern world.




      Booking and management:


    今週の歌④🇩🇿:The song of this week.

    • 【オー・ソレ・ミオ】④Andrea Bocelli & David Garrett - O Sole Mio
    • 【浜田隆政コメント】(掲載前コメント)ここはイタリア人の( Andrea Bocelli )。⑤が男性のため、女性歌手とで迷いましたが、彼の情熱ある歌で決定。若いときよりも、こちらの方がすばらしいのでは。


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    • 【YouTube記載項目】
      Wiola J.
      チャンネル登録者数 8440人


    今週の歌⑤🇩🇿:The song of this week.

    • 【オー・ソレ・ミオ】⑤O' Sole Mio - Carreras - Domingo - Pavarotti - Los Angeles 1994... Emozionare Scherzando...
    • 【浜田隆政コメント】(掲載前コメント)ここは、ルチアーノ・パヴァロッティか三大テノールで決まり。

    • 11:35頃変更




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      • 【YouTube記載項目

        tiziano po
        チャンネル登録者数 2.74万人
        Grazie a: © Capurro - © Capua - © Carreras - © Domingo - © Pavarotti - © Meheta &: © composizione musicale gestita da: © The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA).


      今週の歌:The song of this week.

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      • 【イタリア国歌】⑥Italian anthem performed by Francesca Michielin (Formula 1 Italian GP 2017)
      • 【浜田隆政コメント】第3回世界の歌・イタリア拡大再演は10月19日開催開始。
      • (掲載前コメント)イタリア国歌は三度掲載予定
      • (実際)①に対応するコンテンツもあったのですが、内容が閉幕にふさわしいため、該当箇所に延期。今回は、飛行機が飛び、開幕にふさわしいものを採用。国歌は三回登場し、その都度違うものが登場します。

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      • 【YouTube記載項目】
        チャンネル登録者数 660人
        Francesca Michielin performing the Italian anthem at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy at the Autodromo di Italia in 2017.

      • イタリア観光局
      • Rai1@raiunoofficial
        イタリア政府観光局 - 日本

      今週の歌:The song of this time .

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